Italian traditional music 1850 - 1960

Musica Nostra


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Focusing on the different Italian regional accents “Musical Nostra” performs the best Roman and Neapolitan songs associating tarentelle, personal compositions and the best of the 60ties.  The voice and the guitar, mandolin, violin, accordion, double bass and percussions blend harmoniously together in an entirely acoustic world.


The full band consists of six musicians. Duos or trios can be composed to meet the diverse particular events: Concerts, festivals, corporate or private events, weddings…Musical Nostra will delight and entertain any occasion where Italian music is required.



Based in Fontainebleau near Paris, Musica Nostra has performed worldwide.


To contact us : Giovanni Castellano

+33 (0)6 86 68 30 70

(We speak fluent English, French and Italian )